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Find out how more solar means more energy savings. With Ten K Solar, everyone in the value chain will benefit. See how we can improve your bottom line with advanced technology and full system level support.

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More Energy Today, More Energy Over Time

Highest Density:

17.6 W/sqft

Two Ten K modules are installed in tandem – facing back-to-back to maximize installed DC watts and energy yield per square foot. This is ideal for applications where maximum energy generation is required in limited space. Our shade tolerant design allows more PV modules to be packed into a limited space at a higher tilt angle. The DUO takes full advantage of the performance gains of a Ten K module. The wave format eliminates wasted space and provides an area with complete PV coverage. The DUO places the modules at a higher tilt angle than yesterday’s layouts, increasing efficiency during the peak summer months to help maximize energy production. Learn more about the DUO.


Best in Class System Reliability:

No Single Point of Failure

We uniquely apply a parallel architecture to the Redundant Inverter Bus (RIB), providing unmatched inverter performance and reliability. Because of the inherently redundant architecture, the inverters only operate at half the duty cycle of any other inversion solution and any single failure will have no material impact on system production.
Learn more about Ten K System Architecture.

 DC System Design Features

Lowest Module Degradation Rate:

0.2% per year

This industry-leading degradation rate enables Ten K to provide products that are power warranted for 92.2% of max after 25 years, guaranteeing the best return on your investment. Delivering this level of energy over the lifetime of the array will provide you and your customers with more energy over time.
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 Ten K Limited Warranty

A Day in the Sun

System Level Support

Our System Level Support offers value at every stage from project development to execution and asset management. Ten K is your partner at each stage because we are truly invested in the long term success of the project.

Ten K has many available options to enable our Partners to generate leads and interest through co-branded material and marketing efforts. We reward Developers with special pricing based on their commitment, sales achievement and customer service.

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Our technology is recognized and approved by the leading investment and asset ownership institutions in the world. Ten K Solar has Financial Alliance Partners all over the country who have committed to us by adding Ten K to their Approved Vendors List.

Although Ten K Systems are unlike anything else on the market, they are very simple to design. Our Sales Engineering team will be with you every step of the way to assist with automated design, layouts & modeling and work with our Partners to provide PE Stamping.

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Design with EnergySketch™ today

Fulfilling customer orders is an experience we at Ten K Solar take very seriously. For one thing, all the hardware comes from us. Your modules, inverters and racking all arrive in one shipment. With warehouses all over the world, our optimized component delivery process gets the job done with detailed clarity. Each project is assigned a manager to make sure you receive rapid support when you need it most.

Ten K Solar’s Support knows no bounds. Any rooftop, any field, or any parking lot, we’ll be there. Our product was built with the customer in mind and, although simple to install, we understand that questions come up. Ten K Field Technicians will provide your crew with the tips and support you need to become more efficient and satisfied with the Ten K product.

At our nation-wide product training, attendees learn how to interpret designs and install the Ten K PV systems on commercial flat roofs. The target audience includes anyone looking to learn more about the design and installation benefits of Ten K and how to accurately bid Ten K projects.

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Reliability is one of Ten K’s core values, but every project has its challenges or requires extra attention. That being said, our support team will walk you through the commissioning process and has great materials and webinars to educate you and your team to make sure the project is completed to the customers expectations. 

Your best interest is our best interest. We enable our Partners to succeed by providing support at every step of the project and bringing projects together. 

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Maximum Durability = Unparalleled Reliability


Durability has many meanings. Here at Ten K, we get bored with solving shade tolerance challenges so many in the industry have. Instead, we push the limits of what a solar module can do and how well it performs against everyday challenges and even those rare ones.

Join us as we field test a Ten K module versus a conventional module. 

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Industry Views

  • “After working in the telecom and building automation industry for many years, we were drawn to Ten K’s innovative approach to solar. We’ve been installing Ten K PV Systems ever since.”

    Greg Cox - Spectrum Solutions
  • “The Ten K DUO allowed us to meet our power and energy goals.”

    - Solbright Renewable Energy
  • “The DC wiring was incredibly simple which made installation fast and efficient.”

    - Power Factor
  • "The simplicity of the installation continued into the commissioning and start-up. Overall, we were impressed with Ten K's equipment and personnel."

    Paul Stepanoff - GreenPointe.Energy
  • "Innovative use of rooftop space, a progressive blend of history and modern technology."

    Tony Clifford - Standard Solar