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There is only so much space on your roof - getting the most energy possible at the right cost maximizes the return on your investment. tenK gives you the most energy on your roof. Square foot for square foot, watt for watt, you get more energy from a tenK system.  Up to 44% more. In real world applications, we see up to 80+% more energy per roof.  All to maximize your return on investment.

Higher Efficiency: tenK's rooftop photovoltaic system adds light to the PV modules with reflectors to boost energy output.  Conventional solar modules can't accept light this way - only tenKsolar RAIS® PV modules can! 

Higher Reliability: the tenK system is designed to be fault tolerant - intelligent sharing of loads across the system ensure all parts of the system are used for maximum uptime.

Roof friendly: the tenK system is designed for installations without having to drill holes in your roof.

Low weight: in most applications, a tenK RAIS™ PV System will add less than 3 psf to a rooftop.

Flexible: Shade tolerant design maximizes module output even near rooftop units and vent stacks, and full range of interfaces for XT System racking make it ideal for any roofing type.

AC off the Roof:  tenK gets the energy to AC quicker, eliminating the cost, risk, and expense of long high voltage DC wiring runs.

Safety: since tenK's solution is the safest available (conventional solar can't be shut off), it’s fair to ask "Would you really want any other system on a building you own?" Learn More


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Investment from Leading Energy Investor to Support Growth and Accelerate Penetration of the Commercial Rooftop Solar Market

tenKsolar (“tenK”), a rapidly growing producer of commercial rooftop solar solutions, today announced that it has received an initial investment from funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management, L.P.’s GFI Energy Group. Oaktree’s investment will support tenK’s rapid growth by expanding production capacity and sales and marketing efforts to increase its customer base and accelerate market penetration. Terms of the investment were not disclosed.

Ten K Energy, groSolar, and Integrys Energy Services announced today the completion of a 4-megawatt (MW) DC solar power project in Ashburnham, Massachusetts.

The ground-mounted installation was developed by Ten K Energy, designed and constructed by groSolar, and is owned by a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Services.