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Yesterday’s Solar

Yesterday’s solar is exactly that. If the solar cell were invented today, engineers would wire the module in a matrix embedding smart electronics which optimize performance at the cell level. The electrical system would have a parallel architecture with redundancy built into every component, from cell to module to inversion. Storage would be thought of as part of the system from day 1 to maximize energy output and optimize costs.


Welcome to Ten K…

Ten K’s architecture is based on a low-voltage, parallel design that eliminates the single points of failure found in yesterday’s solar arrays. By combining this architecture with smart electronics, Ten K overcomes the weaknesses of yesterday’s solar arrays. We accomplish this with a superior design that uses the same PV cells and materials as well as using standard parts which keeps system costs low and allows us to deliver solar’s lowest cost of energy.










Industry Views

  • “The Ten K DUO allowed us to meet our power and energy goals.”

    - Solbright Renewable Energy
  • “The DC wiring was incredibly simple which made installation fast and efficient.”

    - Power Factor
  • "The simplicity of the installation continued into the commissioning and start-up. Overall, we were impressed with tenK's equipment and personnel."

    Paul Stepanoff - GreenPointe.Energy
  • "Innovative use of rooftop space, a progressive blend of history and modern technology."

    Tony Clifford - Standard Solar