beats legacy solar systems

Simply More Energy

High yield.  High density.  Engineered for reliability and safety.

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High solar energy density

High Energy Density

Flexible layout, industry leading shade tolerance+reflective racking packs more Watts on a roof and generates more energy from each Watt.

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The Lowest Cost of Energy

More energy to absorb fixed cost, less engineering and construction cost, low voltage redundant design cuts O&M. Result is the lowest cost of energy.

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Unmatched Reliability

Cell independent and redundant architecture eliminates most failure modes. A new standard in reliability.

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Low Voltage Safety

Low voltage with automatic shutoff in each panel.  Safe from arcs, safe for firefighters.

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getting started

tenkSolar manages everything you need to power your business with solar energy.

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rais xt system for commercial solar

Higher energy density per square foot, generating up to 40% more kWh per square foot of roof space.

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