Building Owners

More Savings = Better Bottom Line

Ten K Solar has the only PV systems designed specifically for commercial applications. When your business goes solar, utility savings drive the economics. Every kWh from solar costs less than a kWh purchased from your utility. Ten K can deliver 30% to 60% more energy from a typical commercial rooftop. Don’t let your valuable real estate go to waste. Think solar, think Ten K Solar.

The Murphy Story


An Investment for the Business

Ten K is the ideal solution for building owners. Our PV Systems provide the owner with a completely integrated product offering. This Kit includes Modules, Inversion, and Racking making the decision to buy that much easier and providing building owners with confidence that they made the right investment.

“Murphy Logistics has installed Ten K Solar PV Systems at nine of our logistics campuses. We generate 320 kilowatts of energy, making Murphy the third largest generator of solar energy in Minnesota, and the only private company that makes its own solar power. These unique solar panels take up less than 2% of our warehouse roof surface, yet generate more than 50% of the power used by the facility, with all excess electricity routed to the power grid. We pass our savings in energy costs along to our customers.”
– Richard Murphy, Owner of Murphy Logistics

Energy Efficiency


Best ROI


Safe Voltage


Simple Installation




No Roof Penetration


Safest = Easiest to Insure