We understand the finance stage of a project can be complex. But Ten K will guide you through each option available to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our team will connect you with our Network of partners. 

PPA Option

A solar power purchase agreement delivers immediate energy savings for your company with no money down.
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Lease Agreement

Take advantage of predictable monthly payments with the ability to purchase it in the future.
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PACE Finance

Increase your property value with no out-of-pocket costs.
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Cash Option

Take control of your energy rates and own your own PV system.
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Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) Option

If you want simplicity, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) may be for you. In a PPA contract, a third party owns and maintains the solar array and you merely pay them for the energy it generates.

Why choose a PPA option?

  • No Up-front Cost
  • No Maintenance Costs
  • No Performance Risks
  • Low Risk for the Off-taker
  • Long-term, stable energy prices lower than your currently pay.

Is this option right for you?

  • Are you seeking to reduce electricity bills immediately with no upfront cash outlay?
  • Have limited appetite for tax credits
  • Are seeking control and stability in monthly energy charges
  • Are looking to limit the risk of rising electricity prices
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Lease Agreement

Lease finance is often a little more forgiving of credit rating than a PPA. It can enable much larger systems for those customers who don’t meet PPA credit requirements because cashflows are based on equipment cost and not energy generation. Buyout terms can also be more flexible at the end of the lease.

Why choose a Lease Agreement?

  • Low up-front costs, currently considered off balance sheet.
  • Locks in a low, consistent monthly payment to help stabilize and reduce your total energy expenses.
  • Ability to buy out the system at specific years.

Is this option right for you?

  • Are seeking to reduce electricity bills immediately with limited upfront cash expenses.
  • Have limited appetite for tax credits.
  • Are seeking long-term stability in their monthly energy charges.
  • Have future plans to eventually own the solar system.
  • Want to achieve higher long-term savings.
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PACE Finance

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) allows you to attach solar financing costs to your property tax assessment, resulting in very low borrowing costs. PACE Financing is available in many states. See if your state qualifies.

Why choose a PACE Financing?

  • No up-front, out-of-pocket costs for the property owner.
  • Usually delivers highest Net Present Value (NPV) and greatest near-term positive cash flow of any solar finance or purchase option.
  • Alignment of landlord and tenant interests, as the PACE assessment, along with the cost savings generated by the improvement project, can be shared with tenants under a triple-net lease structure
  • Automatically transfers to the new owner upon sale of the property

Is this option right for you?

  • Would like to increase your building’s Net Present Value (NPV).
  • Want immediate savings and ongoing positive cash flow.
  • Have plans to sell the building in the future.
  • Want sufficient payback and/or return on investment.
  • Located in a PACE coverage area – find out here
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Cash Purchase

Your energy savings are maximized if you pay cash for your system, since you save financing costs as well as energy costs. Cash purchase is not for everyone, but for some solar is a great way to put cash to work and insure a nearly risk-free return.

Why choose a Cash Purchase?

  • Highest long-term savings potential.
  • Receive immediate tax benefits through ITC and other state and local incentives.
  • Lock in low, long-term energy prices based on system performance.
  • Want an investment for the business to pass on to your customers. For Example.

Is this option right for you?

  • Seeking the best return on investment from their solar system.
  • Could immediately utilize tax credits.
  • Want long-term stability in their monthly energy charges.
  • Are comfortable with ownership responsibilities including operation and maintenance costs.
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Next Steps

The Ten K Team is ready and waiting to serve your project with the best option for you and your customer. No matter which option you select, it will be a quick and easy way to obtain the most advanced PV systems in the world. Let’s begin here:


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