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Commercial rooftops are great locations for distributed PV generation, but they also pose challenges: there is limited space for power, obstacles exist that cause layout and shading challenges, access and maintenance can be challenging, and electrical safety is paramount. The design of the Ten K Solar PV Systems addresses the challenges posed by commercial rooftop applications. Parallel, low voltage architecture optimizes commercial rooftop energy generation while delivering the highest reliability and safety standards. We use our own integrated racking to provide up to 37% more energy per rootop. Our commercial solutions include DUO and REFLECT


The system design and rail structure enable fewer support piles than yesterday’s PV systems. Installation options include placing directly on ground, mounting on standard pile structures, or mounting on other support structures. Our Alliance Partner Network allows Ten K to deliver our technology to all applications. Learn More about our ground mount solutions DUO and REFLECT.


Our design minimizes the support structure needed for carport applications, saving installations costs and resources. These cost reductions help improve the financial returns of going solar over your parking structure, aided by the exceptional performance, reliability, and safety of every Ten K System. These benefits allow Ten K technology to work with multiple racking assemblies solving any carport challenge. Learn More