The Highest Specific Yield of any System

When it comes to getting the most energy from each installed watt, the REFLECT System can’t be beat. Taking advantage of Ten K Module’s cell-independence, static reflectors are installed on the backside of each wave of the array, increasing the light received and overall production. 

REFLECT ideal choice for projects of a capped DC size, or projects focused on peak energy production. Ten K Modules in the REFLECT System are installed at a 26 tilt, making them more productive than lower tilts when north of the equator.

  Case Study: REFLECT Maximizes Roof Space

More Energy per DC Watt



Best Financial Return


Shade Tolerant



Safe Voltage



The Ten K Reflector

The Ten K REFLECT System includes a specially designed reflector that captures available light and reflects it back onto the module where it is converted to more energy. By eliminating the wasted space between panels, Ten K maximizes the energy generated from the rooftop.

The Ten K Reflector utilizes a film specifically designed by our Alliance Partner 3M. Spectroscopically optimized for PV, the film reflects only the light wavelengths usable by the PV cells ensuring no unnecessary heat is generated in the process.

In addition to increasing the yield of the system by up to 20%, the reflector has the added benefit of improving system aerodynamics.  The REFLECT System is designed to be non-penetrating with low ballast requirements.  In 90 mph, wind zones, ballast requirements can be up to 20% lower than yesterday’s PV systems.

  Case Study: REFLECT Preserves Building Integrity

Maximum Energy Density








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