Case Studies

Fire Exposes Risks of Conventional PV Systems

tenKsolar's RAIS® PV System overcomes the risks posed by Conventional Solar in fire emergencies.

Murphy Warehouse Tornado Damage

tenKsolar PV Array survives 100 mph winds without moving an inch and operates flawlessly despite damage to PV modules by flying debris

More Energy Where You Want It

Square Foot for Square Foot, Watt for Watt, a tenKsolar XT PV array gives you up to 44% more energy per square foot.

tenKsolar is Fundamentally Safe Solar

tenKsolar presents absolutely no risk of a dangerous arc or high voltage. This is fundamentally safe solar! 

tenKsolar Shines in Warehouse Installation

tenKsolar delivers more value to the system owner. 

tenK PV Array errantly damaged, continues to produce energy safely

tenKsolar's PV system, even while damaged by errant gunshot, produces energy safely without a risk of an arc that could start a fire.



White Papers

A Redundant Low Voltage Solar Topology

tenKsolar’s PV design overcomes the fundamental limitations in conventional solar

Long Term Energy Production Results Summary new!

tenK systems outperform conventional systems. 

tenK NREL Energy Study

tenKsolar reliably predicts system output